1. DUI Defense Oxford

    Mississippi has very strict laws when it comes to driving under the influence, commonly referred to as DUI.  For example, a DUI First Offense carries fines between $250.00 and $1,000.00, up to 48 hours in jail, possible required attendance of a victim impact panel, MASEP attendance and driver's lic…Read More

  2. Minor in Possession in Oxford

    Mississippi law prohibits not drinking alcohol if you are under the age of 21 but also possessing alcohol if you are under 21.  This obviously can pose a problem for college students across the State as many choose to participate in consuming alcohol.  While MIP is a misdemeanor, if convicted, a m…Read More

  3. Public Drunk in Oxford

    Mississippi Code Annotated Section 97-29-47 succinctly defines "public drunk" as: "If any person shall profanely swear or curse, or use vulgar and indecent language, or be drunk in any public place, in the presence of two (2) or more persons, he shall, on conviction thereof, be fined not more than o…Read More

  4. Shoplifting in Oxford, Mississippi

    When people engage in shoplifting it is often due to a lapse in judgment or incorrect belief that it is "not that big of a deal."  However, shoplifting can have consequences which are a "big deal."  A shoplifting arrest and conviction can lead to fines and jail time, as well as damage to your futu…Read More

  5. Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule I and II

    Mississippi law casts a broad net when it comes to outlawing "controlled substances."  Mississippi law states that it is illegal to knowingly or intentionally possess, sell, barter, exchange, or manufacture a controlled substance.  Unless, of course, you are authorized to do so by law.  Drug crim…Read More

  6. Possession of Paraphernalia

    Many Mississippians, including younger Mississippians, will find themselves facing charges of possession of paraphernalia.  Mississippi prohibits the use and/or possession of paraphernalia which is used to engage in drug use.  The term paraphernalia is fairly broad and may take many forms.  From …Read More

  7. Breath Test Refusal

    One of the most common questions I receive when it comes to DUI charges is should a driver submit to a breath test.  While there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer to that question, I do want to clarify a few misconceptions about breath tests. 1.  First, Mississippi's "implied consent" law…Read More

  8. Possession of a Fake ID

    Having a fake ID is a common occurrence in Oxford, Mississippi as well as man other college towns.  While many think it is a minor offense, it can come with major consequences.  In Oxford Municipal Court a person convicted of possession of a fake ID can expect to pay a fine of $692.00, probably be…Read More

  9. Expungement

    If you are charged with a crime and are found guilty of the charges you will have a "record."  This negative blot on your history can and will follow you around, impacting employment opportunities, your ability to obtain a scholarship, or perhaps to get into graduate school. What is surprising to m…Read More

  10. Administrative License Suspension DUI

    In Mississippi, if you either refused to submit to a breath, blood, or urine test, the state will attempt to suspend your license or privilege to drive for 90 days to one year. This loss of your right to drive will occur even without you being convicted of DUI.  Once you have refused to submit to a…Read More