1. Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule I and II

    Mississippi law casts a broad net when it comes to outlawing "controlled substances."  Mississippi law states that it is illegal to knowingly or intentionally possess, sell, barter, exchange, or manufacture a controlled substance.  Unless, of course, you are authorized to do so by law.  Drug crim…Read More

  2. Possession of Paraphernalia

    Many Mississippians, including younger Mississippians, will find themselves facing charges of possession of paraphernalia.  Mississippi prohibits the use and/or possession of paraphernalia which is used to engage in drug use.  The term paraphernalia is fairly broad and may take many forms.  From …Read More

  3. Refusal to Blow and License Suspension

    In Mississippi a driver may have his/her license suspended as a result of refusing to "blow" when suspected of driving under the influence (DUI).  In the event you find yourself pulled over and facing a breath test to determine your blood alcohol level, your refusal will result in your license bein…Read More

  4. Welcome Back Ole Miss Students and Incoming Freshmen and Transfers

    Haymans and Company, PLLC welcomes back current Ole Miss students and extends a first welcome to the incoming freshman class and transfer students. We know that you will enjoy your time at Ole Miss and in Oxford as much as we do. While we know that you will enjoy the Square celebrating Ole Miss vict…Read More

  5. Haymans Law Criminal Defense Attorneys

    We understand facing criminal charges can be intimidating and highly stressful. Dealing with criminal charges on your own can be frustrating and usually leads to an outcome that is not best for you. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping people facing all types of criminal charges get fair treatment…Read More

  6. DUI the Initial Stop, Part 1

    Being charged with a DUI in Mississippi is very serious and if convicted can have far reaching consequences. Accordingly, it is important to know what options and defenses are available to you as a defendant. In order to be found guilty of Driving Under the Influence the prosecution must prove that …Read More

  7. Constructive Possession

    Many people wonder if they can be charged with "possession of a controlled substance" if they were merely a passenger in a vehicle where such items were found.  The short answer is yes you can be.  Even when you are a passenger in a vehicle and no illegal substances or items are found on you, you …Read More

  8. Possession of Paraphernalia Defined

    When dealing with possession of paraphernalia, Miss. Code Ann. § 41-29-139(d) states in pertinent part: (1) It is unlawful for a person who is not authorized by the State Board of Medical Licensure, State Board of Pharmacy, or other lawful authority to use, or to possess with intent to use, paraphe…Read More

  9. Penalties for Possession of Paraphernalia

    In Mississippi, possession of paraphernalia is a misdemeanor. If convicted of possession of paraphernalia, a misdemeanor, you could face up to six (6) months in a local jail and be required to pay a $500.00 fine. One thing to keep in mind is that the penalties for possession of paraphernalia, in man…Read More

  10. Possession of Paraphernalia a Broad Term

    It is easily understood that being caught in possession of drugs such as marijuana and/or controlled substances is a crime which can carry severe legal consequences. What many do not realize is that being in possession of paraphernalia, even in the absence of drugs or controlled substances, is a cri…Read More