Through Several Mergers, Haymans & Company Enjoys A Rich History Dating Back To 1967.

Haymans & Company centers its practice around aspects of property development, real estate finance, zoning, planning and condominium law. Our real estate attorneys represent commercial and residential developers on conventional and PUD developments, multifamily developments, condominiums, retail shopping centers, office buildings, and single family loan closings. We also represent financial institutions, mortgage companies, and insurance companies, both as lenders and investors, and well as serve as agents for Stewart Title Guaranty Company Co. and Mississippi Valley Title Insurance Co.

In addition to real estate law, our attorneys also specialize in criminal law, and we offer legal advice and guidance with respect to DUIs, MIPs, assault, theft, and more. We are happy to provide free consultations, so feel free to contact our criminal defense lawyers today to schedule an appointment in Oxford, Batesville, or the surrounding area.

Why You Need Legal Representation

Most people think lawyers are something that only big businesses need. They’re wrong! While corporate law is the focus of some firms, law is an incredibly broad field of practice, and most firms have at least one lawyer specializing in the area you need help with. Whether you’ve just been charged with a DUI, need help processing complicated property acquisitions or transfers, or anything else, a Haymans & Company lawyer can help resolve your case successfully or complete your transaction.

The reason lawyers are so essential to any type of legal matter is that we’re trained in the processes of law, which, despite how many crime dramas you may have watched, most outsiders are completely unfamiliar with. You can think of the myriad of paperwork, cases, and court proceedings that can transpire in a courthouse as its own language, and you need the help of someone who speaks that language. You wouldn’t hope to defend yourself in a French court knowing only English, would you? It’s not a good idea to defend yourself in court without a lawyer, either — especially when criminal charges are involved.

When you choose Haymans & Company as your legal representation, we’ll consult with you to understand your needs and get the details of your case. We’ll help you understand the legal processes surrounding your situation, give you a thorough rundown of your options, and even consult with the prosecution on your behalf. Ideally, we’ll be able to get your sentence reduced or earn you the chance for a plea bargain. In civil cases and real estate transactions, we’ll tirelessly seek out the quickest, most favorable resolution possible for you.

Call our offices in Oxford and Batesville today to get started! We look forward to working on your behalf.

Areas Of Practice

Criminal Law

Our criminal defense attorneys realize just how intimidating and stressful facing criminal charges can be, and we’re here to help you face your charges confidently. We have the resources, including our own investigators, to thoroughly research the facts surrounding your case and find the weaknesses in the charges being levied against you. Visit our Criminal Law page to learn more.


A lot of people think that there’s no way to fight back once they’ve been charged with a DUI. Not true! Our lawyers can help you negotiate for a potentially shorter sentence and complete all the necessary paperwork quickly to minimize the interruption to your daily life. Visit our DUI Law page to learn more.

Drug Offenses Law

Don’t just give up when you get charged with a drug offense, it’s not over! Our lawyers can help you better understand the court process, give you a rundown of your options, and negotiate on your behalf to potentially get you a plea bargain or reduced sentence.

Assault & Domestic Violence Law

Assault and domestic violence cases are often highly personal. You need the cool, experienced presence of a lawyer to present your side in the best light in court. We’ll give you a better understanding of the legal process and your options, and do our best to earn you the most favorable resolution possible for your case.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law is Haymans & Company’s finest specialty! We’re proud to represent a variety of commercial and residential developers, insurance companies, and financial institutions. Visit our Real Estate Law page to learn more about how our firm can most effectively protect and advance your company’s interests.