Many people think that once they’re charged with a DUI that it’s all over, there’s nothing they can do to avoid charges. Not true! If it’s your second or third DUI charge, or there were injuries or other charges related to your arrest, our expert lawyers can negotiate with the court on your behalf to potentially get your sentence reduced or earn you the opportunity for a plea bargain.

This can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to gain or retain employment. Our lawyers can potentially negotiate certain aspects of a potential DUI sentence away, like driver’s license suspension, random drug tests, and other punitive measures that can be extremely inconvenient to deal with.

Regardless of the details of your case, utilizing our lawyers can help you better understand the DUI legal process and handle all the related paperwork more quickly and smoothly than you could do on your own.

DUIs are serious legal charges that can have significant ramifications on your life. Don’t go through this process alone. Call our office in Oxford now to get the legal help you need to navigate this difficult process successfully!