1. It isn’t Over till it’s Over

    There are simply times when things may not go your way in court, however, it is important to note, when facing DUI charges, that being found guilty in Justice Court or Municipal Court may not be the end of the line for your case. Even when unsuccessful in your trial, you do still have the right to a…Read More

  2. Non-Adjudication

    Under the new Mississippi DUI laws, it is now possible for a person facing a conviction of Driving Under the Influence, (DUI or “Drunk Driving”) to qualify for non-adjudication. What does this mean for those facing a DUI charge? Non-adjudication allows for a person charged with DUI to avoid actu…Read More

  3. The Term “Drunk Driving”

    As has been discussed in a previous post, driving under the influence, or DUI is not necessarily what we might call “drunk driving.” In fact, if you take a look at the actual Mississippi DUI statute, you will find that the term “drunk” is nowhere to be found. It is unlawful for a person to d…Read More

  4. Driving Under the Influence not Drunk Driving

    While drunk driving is a common term, it is not necessarily the most accurate when discussing Mississippi law. Mississippi actually criminalizes “driving under the influence,” also known as DUI or DWI (driving while impaired). A driver can be considered to be driving under the influence without …Read More

  5. Initial Appearance

    Being arrested for DUI likely causes a great deal of stress for both the person arrested and their family. Much of this stress can be caused by fear of the unknown. After arrest for a DUI, a number of steps are taken and procedures observed, one of the first of these is the initial appearance. At th…Read More