How Our Domestic Violence Lawyers Can Help 

If you’ve been the victim of domestic violence, you need help right away to get you and your kids out of the dangerous situation in which you all are currently living. Haymans & Company can help. Our experienced domestic violence lawyers can offer you expert advice, guide you through the process of getting you and your kids the legal protection you need, and help your cause in a number of ways, including: 


  • Get a restraining order. As a victim of domestic violence, you can very easily get a protection order granted from the court that will prevent your abuser from making contact with you, coming within a certain proximity, or even possessing firearms, in some cases. In some circumstances, you can get a protective order that requires your abuser to move out of the house you’ve lived in together. 



  • File a domestic violence lawsuit. A domestic violence lawsuit is a type of civil suit that could allow you to recover damages (compensation) for medical expenses, financial loss, or potentially even pain and suffering caused by the abuse. The damages recovered in these types of lawsuits are useful for paying off medical debt and financial losses if you’ve incurred any as a result of the abuse you’ve suffered, and can also be useful in covering the expense of counseling to help you recover, or to help pay for a new living situation for you and your children, should you need one. 



  • File divorce papers. If your abuser is your partner, our domestic violence lawyers can help guide you through the divorce process, file the proper paperwork and ensure your right to spousal support and your equitable share of marital property. 



  • Work to (ideally) get custody of your children. If your abuser is also a parent of your children, our domestic violence attorneys can potentially help you get legal custody of your children, as well as potentially get the court to require your abuser to pay child support to support their upbringing with you. 



  • Represent you in court versus the other party. We know just how intimidating facing your abuser in court can be. We’ll be your advocate in court, take care of all the paperwork, and deal with your abuser and their legal representation throughout the entire process so you can focus on healing and securing a safe situation for you and your children. 


It’s important that you get the legal help you need now to escape the dangerous situation you’re living in. You and your kids deserve to live in a safe, comfortable home, and you can trust the domestic violence lawyers at Haymans & Company to move quickly to ensure your protection under the law. We have a 50-year track record of dependable, trustworthy service as a law firm, and you can count on us to work hard with the courts to get you the protection you need to get out and move on with your life. Call our offices in Oxford and Batesville today and get the help you need to start living safely.