In the event you are facing DUI charges you may lose your driving privileges. For example, as included in the post on the nonadjudication of a DUI offense, while undergoing the nonadjudication process you may have to surrender your license. However, there are ways to avoid this, primarily through the use of an ignition interlock device.

In the event you are attempting to have your charge of driving under the influence nonadjudicated, rather than giving up your driving privileges, you may have the opportunity to have an interlock device installed on your vehicle and be allowed to continue to drive according to an “interlock-restricted license”. This license requires that you have an interlock device installed on all of your vehicles, to pay the appropriate fees to the installation and monitoring service, and to provide proof that the device is installed.The interlock device, through a breath test, determines your blood alcohol content and will not allow the vehicle to start in the event the BAC is higher than the setting on the device allows.

While the interlock device can be cumbersome, it does provide a way in which you are allowed to keep your driving privileges while reaching a final resolution to your DUI case.