Being arrested for DUI likely causes a great deal of stress for both the person arrested and their family. Much of this stress can be caused by fear of the unknown.

After arrest for a DUI, a number of steps are taken and procedures observed, one of the first of these is the initial appearance.

At the defendant’s initial appearance, the judge shall:

1. State the defendant’s true name, age, and address;
2. Inform the defendant of the charges;
3. If the arrest has been made without a warrant, determine whether there was probable cause;
4. Advise of the right to assistance of an attorney ;
5. If indigent and desires representation, counsel shall be appointed.

At the initial appearance, as a defendant, you have certain rights which you do not want to forget:

1. The right to remain silent;
2. The right to communicate with an attorney, family or friends;
3. The opportunity to be provided with the conditions, if any, under which the defendant may obtain release.